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I'm a self taught artist from Illinois. I am currently living in Tennessee. I currently do digital and traditional artwork. I mainly draw anime and kemono artworks.

I love sweet aesthetics, pastel colors, pastel goth, & lolita fashion. Between digital and traditional gaming I really love tabletops the most such as D&D and Magic the Gathering. The Harry Potter series is a childhood favorite and continues to be. I'm a Slytherin~!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you draw this for me for free/exposure?
No, but if you like free art raffles please check out my social media for giveaways~!

What Tablet do you use?
Bamboo Create - 2011 Model

What Program do you use?
Clip Studio Paint PRO


Chibi Badge . . . . . $15

Prices do NOT include shipping.

Sushi #60

OG Sushi

Limited Edition - 25

1.5", Standard

Sushi 2.0

Open Edition - 50

2", Glitter Coin/Bell

Golden Sushi

Special Edition - 50

2", Glitter Coin/Bell, Alt Colors

Coming Late 2020

Tarot #606


Open Edition - 50

2", Standard


Open Edition - 50

2", Gold Plating

Rose Quartz

Open Edition - 50

2", Rose Gold Plating


Once payment has been made, you automatically agree to the terms and services.

SushiNomster reserves the right to refuse/deny/cancel services for any reason.


I accept USD via PayPal Invoice.Payment are required upfront and in full. All sales are final.
I will ship any commission.Shipping costs are not included in Prices. Shipping starts at $3.50 and is discussed at time of commissioning.

What I Will Draw
Anthro/Furry/KemonoAnime / Humanoid / KemonomimiTasteful NudityPlush/Candy Gore

What I Will NOT Draw

Telegram Contact

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Fiance & Friends get Priority. My Telegram is mostly to keep in contact with my fiance and friends. Please do NOT spam me if you see me Online.

Admin. I am an Admin of a few groups, some being large. This is why you will see me Online and not responsive.

Fursona Pins. If you want to inquire about my pins, feel free to DM me on Telegram or my Twitter!

Casual chatter or want to be friends. Please don't just message me "Hi." since its hard for me to reply just that! XD Strike up a convo! Let me know how you found me!

PLEASE NOTE: I suck at replying quickly and sometime get anxious. Don't worry if I take a lil while to message you!