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About Us

I'm a self taught artist from Illinois. I am currently living in Tennessee. I currently do digital and traditional artwork. I mainly draw anime and kemono artworks.

I love sweet aesthetics, pastel colors, pastel goth, & lolita fashion. Between digital and traditional gaming I really love tabletops the most such as D&D and Magic the Gathering. The Harry Potter series is a childhood favorite and continues to be. I'm a Slytherin~!


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Last Updated: August 1st, 2018.
By commissioning me, you agree to my Terms of Service.

Failing to acknowledge these rules will automatically void the transaction and result in immediate refund and possible blacklisting of future commission opportunities. T.O.S. is subject to change.

Commissioners agree to the following:
As the artist:

I maintain rights to all work I create in any digital or print form under the name SushiNomster. This includes, but is not limited to, using commissioned work in portfolios, prints, merchandise, ect.
I maintain the right to turn down any commission(s) I don't feel comfortable doing.
I can issue a full refund at any point if I no longer feel comfortable working with a client.

As the client:

The client is 18 years or older.
The client will only receive a DIGITAL COPY of the artwork, no shipping will be involved unless discussed beforhand.
The client may request anonymity on their commission both on the queue and in gallery if desired.
The client may post and host the artwork they commission wherever they see fit.
The client may not remove the signature/watermark I place on a picture. If you want wish to add your own watermark to the image, that's fine.
The client may NOT use or distribute my art for commercial purposes without permission. See Commercial Commissions below.

How To Commission Me
I accept commission slots via Patreon or public openings/YCHs. You can always check my status on my Commission page.

You may email me at any time for a quote. Please don't reserve a commission slot if you aren't ready to pay or you don't have references ready.

Payment is up front. Once I accept your commission, I will contact you requesting your PayPal address so I can send an invoice. Invoices can be paid with Paypal balance or credit/debit card. I do not accept e-checks or money orders.


Picture reference is REQUIRED for characters, I will not take descriptions. Only exception is Custom Designs.

Ideal references are flat, full bodies with front and back side views.

Please be extremely clear about what is mandatory on your character.

Corrections and Edits

Sketches and Colored Sketches have no WIPs. This section applies to YCH and Auctions.

Clients are allowed one free correction. Additional corrections will be charged.

Any desired corrections after I start inking will cost extra, however not all corrections may be doable so please be thorough when I send progress updates.

Once finished artwork is approved, NO corrections are permitted.

The client will receive the full resolution file of their commission at the end of the transaction.

Commercial Commissions

Do NOT use or distribute my art for commercial purposes without permission. If you would like to commission me something for your company/store, game assets, or anything of that nature you may!
Note: Commercial commissions will cost more than it would for a personal commission/design.

If you are interested in this commission type, please e-mail me to get a quote based on the project.

Auctions and Adoptables

Only bid if you intend to buy, any false bids or failure to commit to payment will result in being blacklisted and banned from future auctions and custom commissions. Pay in full within 24 hours of winning the auction.

If winner fails to claim their Auction/Adoptable by not paying or responding, the YCH/Adopt goes to the second highest bidder. Second bidder is entitled to decline the offer without consequences.


You can alter the design however you want, but not my artwork.

Name, gender, orientation, and backstory is entirely up to you!

You are welcome to make the design a new species.

You will be sent a full res version without watermark after payment has been made.

You may resell or trade designs. You may NOT resell for more than you paid unless additional artwork was bought.

You may upload your design/art with appropriate credit.

Giveaway Promotions

Paid Commissions take priority over free artwork through promotions. No Exception.

Free artwork through promotions, such as Freebie Streams or Raffles, follow my Terms of Service.

If continually asked on status on free artwork, the offer will be canceled. This is freely done on my spare time and I make no money on promotions.


Full refunds are ONLY eligible if I can no longer work with a client or if I have taken over 90 days to complete the commission.

If the commission has been started, I will only refund the percentage not done. I can recycle the sketch or progress on canceled commissions. Once a piece is already complete, no refunds will be given.I am willing to work with clients if they are unhappy with their service or product.

Please do not open a PayPal dispute without contacting me beforehand. The client is responsible for their own financial situation. I do not issue refunds for the client's failure to manage personal finances and/or obligations.

Art Limitations

If you are unclear about my art limitations, ask away! Iā€™d rather you be crystal clear about anything you have trouble understanding. These are what I will and will not draw.

What I Will Draw
Anthro/Furry/KemonoAnime / Humanoid / KemonomimiTasteful NudityPlush/Candy Gore

What I Will NOT Draw
RealismSpecies: Dutch Angel Dragons, Wickerbeasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you draw this for me for free/exposure?
No, but if you like free art raffles please check out my social media for monthly giveaways~!

What Tablet do you use?
Bamboo Create - 2011 Model

What Program do you use?
Clip Studio Paint PRO


Prices are per Character.